Friday, June 21, 2013

How Does My Garden Grow?

I am a longtime lover of growing things...until, of course, it gets too hot, the bugs take over, the weeds take over or I see a squiggly snake or other critter in the midst of my lovely garden! I do forgive the turtle I found in my zucchini today.

My first garden was about 20 years ago. I grew a ton of tomatoes and cucumbers. I had quite a few fruit trees etc. I was working full time and it was not an easy task to get the soil ready, then the garden planted, keep it watered etc. I was almost overwhelmed when the harvest came and I enjoyed trying my hand at canning and preserving my yummy produce! My co-workers begged me to bring them the produce and I did...except of course lima beans and purple hull peas...back breakers to pick if I have to say so myself. I told them they were welcome to my peas and beans, but they would need to come pick them for themselves. No takers on that one. I gave baskets and bags of the tomatoes and such though. One friend/co-worker would always say "I can see you in a fruit stand on Highway 49 between Jackson and Hattiesburg selling this stuff". But, the pesky "J O B" sort of curbed my ability to really delve into the task at hand! 

I had a long period where I did not grow a thing...not even a house plant...because of that J O B again. And, I was in school and I was taking care of my ailing mother (alzheimers). I also was in Southeast Louisiana and the  weather was too hot to even venture out to the mailbox....even at midnight...ugh!

So, I now have the space, the time and the desire to yet again grow a vegetable garden! My husband is a new lover of growing things. There is a lot beside us that he tried to purchase. The current owner declined to sell it. However, he offered my husband the opportunity to plant another garden on it. We have 3 gardens now (I only work the main one) and we have a fruit tree fetish.  But, shhhhh, we are not sure if that is politically correct or even socially acceptable these days!

Here are my pictures! 


Me and my 'Maters!

I can taste the sweet taste of homegrown tomatoes very soon!

Beautiful, Colorful Zinnias

I spy a turtle in my zucchini....what to do about that, I wonder?

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  1. Very fun pictures Renee, I love growing things also.

    Hugs diane